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Let's Talk About Sports Video Games

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Yesterday, the World Series ended with a stunning Game 7 victory by the Washington Nationals over the Houston Astros. It’s the sort of thing you watch sports for, a dramatic finish to a long, beautiful season.


Now comes the difficult task of deleting MLB The Show 19 from my hard drive, and considering putting some energy into Madden 20 while there’s still a decent chunk of time left in the season. Or maybe I’ll brave the microtransaction-ridden hellscape of NBA 2K20, a once-great product sullied by folks who couldn’t help but mess with a good thing.

What sports games are you playing? You roughing it out in WWE 2K20? Liking this year’s NHL? Mourning the fact that NBA Live is, once again, dead? Let us know in the comments.

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Fuck, I love y’all. <3