Sony Has Shipped 102 Million PS4s

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Image: Sony

The PlayStation 5 might be on the horizon, but the PS4 continues its impressive run. As of September 30, Sony has shipped 102.8 million PlayStation 4 consoles, surpassing even the Nintendo Wii.


Sony announced the news in its most recent financial statements, revealing that 2.8 PlayStation 4s were moved in the last quarter. Twitter user ZhugeEX has been tracking the data, so you can see how the global console shipments stack up.

Remember these are sell-in numbers and not the sell-through ones. The PS4's lifetime sales were 91.6 million as of December 31, 2018.

The PS4 is the blue line, the Wii is the red one, and the PS2 is the black one. The graph shows console shipments for the first 72 weeks, and the Switch, represented by a light purple line, looks like it’s on a similar trajectory to the PlayStation 4.

As previously reported, the PlayStation 4 has reached the magic one million mark faster than the Wii and the PS2. However, it still has a ways to go to reach the PS2's lifetime numbers.

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It’s kind of interesting how well Sony generally does in this area. Other console makers are much less consistent honestly. Contrastingly, Sony’s worst console was what, the PS3 at 87 million units apparently? That’s ridiculous, even Nintendo has much more off generations than that.