Yes, The Outer Worlds Is Coming To XBox Game Pass

Illustration for article titled Yes, iThe Outer Worlds/i Is Coming To XBox Game Pass

Want to play The Outer Worlds, but don’t have the spare cash? If you’re planning on playing on XBox One or PC, you can pick up the game on Game Pass.

Game Pass is a subscription service for the XBox One that allows players to pay a monthly fee for access to hundreds of games. The back catalog, including games like Dishonored 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Order, may be worth the ten dollar a month subscription on its own. The Outer Worlds, which is available on Game Pass when it launches Friday, definitely makes the whole thing more enticing.

At E3 this year, Microsoft announced that Game Pass would be coming to PC. The first month of your subscription is currently one dollar. After the first month, the price goes up to ten dollars per month. You also need to have Windows 10 and the XBox Beta app installed—the service itself is still in beta on PC.


If you decide to grab Game Pass to check out this truly wonderful game, you’ll also be able to pre-load it onto your system. Enjoy your time in Halcyon, captain.

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Yes I drive a 240... Sort of

I only recently spent time reading into this game and I’m excited it’s coming to gamepass... but the release date is, probably not the best day for that.

CoD MW launches that day. I know people love to talk about how much they hate the Call of Duty series, but it’s still one of the largest franchises around. I plan on spending my weekend playing both, but it’s going to be tough.