A Modern Warfare Game Option Is PS4 Exclusive Until October 2020

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The practice of platform holders securing console exclusives took a new and weird turn yesterday, when Sony and Activision announced that Modern Warfare’s Survival Mode—a mode within a mode, as it’s part of Spec Ops—is appearing exclusively on the PS4 until October 1, 2020.


Spec Ops, first introduced in the original Modern Warfare 2, is a series of short scripted missions that can either be played solo or co-op. They’ve been missing from the last few Call of Duty games, so their return here has been seen as a welcome move by longtime series fans.

A screenshot from the game’s PS4 story trailer, released yesterday.
A screenshot from the game’s PS4 story trailer, released yesterday.

That excitement from PC and Xbox users will be a little tempered by yesterday’s announcement, though. While the core Spec Ops experience will appear on all platforms, Survival Mode—basically a Horde mode for Call of Duty, available as an option within Spec Ops—won’t be turning up outside the PS4 until October 2020, which conveniently is right around the time the next Call of Duty game will be due.

This isn’t the first time Sony has secured an exclusivity deal for Call of Duty content, but those have previously been for a matter of days. To lock something down for almost an entire year (the game is due out on October 25) is a little more drastic.

You can see the exclusive announced twice in the video below, once at the beginning in small print, and again near the end.

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The Legend of Vincent Tremblay

It’s the exact same fucking bullshit Sony and Activision pulled with Destiny, holding paid-for content hostage from Xbox (and later PC) customers until at least — and Activision was sure to point to that phrase out in the fine print the first time they wielded it — one year after releasing on PlayStation. Fuck, the last batch of PS4 exclusives for Destiny 1 released on XB1 a whole month after Destiny 2 launched, and some of it was two years old at the time.

What really makes this fuckery uniquely disgusting is that Activision waited until a month before launch, long after Xbox and PC pre-orders were taken, to spring this on everybody.

And what does Sony hope to gain from this? More PS4 sales, this late in the generation? Wait, dumb question. This is no more about selling consoles than Destiny’s deal was. This is Sony throwing around Fuck You Money for the sole purpose of punishing Xbox and PC players for not being PlayStation players, and Activision never turning down a fast buck or caring about the consequences.