Jurassic Dream Lets You Peacefully Explore A CryEngine Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Dream is a fan-made CryEngine project that imagines a Jurassic Park where the catastrophic events of the novel/movie never happened, and everything is just fine. It’s beautiful, with the only catch being that there are no dinosaurs.


Being a fan project handled almost entirely by one person (LifelessTapir, who started it when he was only 14), that’s understandable, so just imagine that instead of escaping and wrecking the place and eating everyone, the dinosaurs all escaped and just...got the hell out of there.

Plus it’s still really cool to just take the time to explore the park. The hotel is there to rummage through, the lab, you can drive around in a jeep, shoot up fountains...

You can download it here.

Via Super Punch.

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