Ash Just Won A Pokémon League In The Anime

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Perennial loser Ash Ketchum is now a winner. In the most recent episode of the Pokémon Sun Moon anime, Ash broke his losing streak with a championship trophy.

For decades, Ash has lost in pivotal league championship matches. In 2016, he lost in a heartbreaker during the Kalos League finals in the Pokémon XYZ anime. But now, he is Alola’s current reigning champ.


The Ash-always-loses meme is finished!

Even Ash can’t believe it.


Of course, Ash did win the Orange Island League, but that was two decades ago and that tournament wasn’t really up to typical League standards.


Congrats to Ash and Pikachu!


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of course they would do this the season with the worst animation quality....