Link's Awakening Remake Is Out September, Has A New Dungeon-Building Feature

Illustration for article titled iLinks Awakening /iRemake Is Out September, Has A New Dungeon-Building Feature
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The upcoming Switch remake of Zelda: Link’s Awakening looks like a 1:1 recreation of the original game, except for one big new feature: a dungeon builder called Chamber Dungeons.


It’s not quite clear how Chamber Dungeons work, but it appears that you’ll be able to collect levels that you’ve visited in the game’s dungeons and then bring them to Dampe the gravedigger, who will let you arrange each level on a dungeon board and then go exploring for loot.


Other than that, this appears to be a direct remake of the Game Boy version of Link’s Awakening. It looks absolutely phenomenal, not gonna lie. It’ll be out September 20 for Switch.

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Poey Gordon

Let’s hope the Chamber Dungeon thing is the test bed for the eventual Legend of Zelda Maker