There’s A Whole Lot Of Final Fantasy Music On Spotify Now

Streaming music service Spotify is generally hit-or-miss for video game soundtracks. That’s not so for Final Fantasy anymore, as official soundtracks for all the main games and many of its spin-offs are now available for your listening pleasure.

There’s been Final Fantasy music on Spotify previously, but not to this extent. Noticed yesterday by Twitter user RickyWinsKO, the service’s FF catalog is now quite extensive. Soundtracks from the NES original on up to Final Fantasy XV are available. Multiple albums cover MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and its expansions, including music from the original release, before it relaunched as A Realm Reborn. Record Keeper, Dissidia, Tactics—I am in soundtrack heaven. They’ve even got the soundtrack for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, a movie no one cares about.

To access the soundtracks, open up Spotify and do a search for “Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack” and click on Albums. It beats the hell out of listening to FF tunes via YouTube vids.

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I bought the The Spirits Within DVD once...had no idea a soundtrack existed not that I remember anything about it. All I remember is the FFX trailer on the Extras and being blown away.