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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for... I usually write something not games related here, but I just started The Witcher 3 again. The weekend is for playing The Witcher 3. That is the extent of my plans.


After 200 hours in The Witcher 3 and its expansions, starting a completely new game (not even new game plus!) is wild. I forgot how it felt to be so poor and under-leveled, when even a little group of drowners is cause for concern. I’m picking up on tons of things I missed the first time, and I’m already dragging my heels on progressing in the story so I can explore the world, even though I know so much of the landscape by heart. I’m looking forward to making a whole new crop of mistakes.


What about you? What are you playing this weekend? Why isn’t it The Witcher 3?

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Gene Jacket

I dunno...I’ve been in one of those moods lately where I don’t want to play anything. I kinda burned myself out on The Division 2, and I don’t have a group to Raid with anyway, so there’s not much for me to do aside from grind my gear score up a bit. I’m still running towers in MK11 here and there, but I’m getting a little tired of it as well. I still need to go back and finish Watch Dogs 2, I’m roughly halfway through, but I just haven’t felt like it the past few weeks.

I’m in a gaming funk at the moment, so maybe I’ll just use the time to catch up on some shows...