Big Smoke's Famous Fast Food Order From GTA San Andreas Said By Solid Snake

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David Hayter is well known as the voice of Solid Snake, providing the voice of the character in multiple games, including cameo appearances in non-Metal Gear games like Smash Bros. And now thanks to a fan request, Hayter lets us hear how the super spy would order from a fast food joint.


In the world of video game fast food orders, Big Smoke’s massive haul from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is probably the most famous order ever made. To be fair, I can’t actually think of a different fast food order in another game, but still a famous order.

George Salonikh hired Hayter to say the order via the website Cameo. The site allows fans to pay actors a certain amount of money to get personalized audio messages featuring any messages they want. This service is mostly used for Birthdays, Graduations or Anniversaries. However, Salonikh decided to use Cameo for something a bit funnier. He then uploaded the clip to YouTube.

Hearing Solid Snake order all this food somehow doesn’t sound nearly as ridiculous as when Big Smoke places the order. Maybe Snake is actually creating a giant distraction inside the restaurant and will sneak in while they make his massive order?


If you want to make David Hayter say funny things, you can send a request using the Cameo website. Maybe have him say other Grand Theft Auto memes, like “Hey, Niko! Want to go bowling?” or “Ah shit, here we go again.”

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I guess we know why he’s so dummy thicc