15 Years Later, There's New Footage Of The Biggest Street Fighter Moment Ever

This year will mark the 15th anniversary of the legendary 2004 Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike matchup between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong—dubbed EVO Moment 37, or the “Daigo Parry”—and just in time, there’s some brand new footage of the legendary matchup, thanks to EVO’s Mark Julio.


In the newly-unearthed footage, you can see the complete fight from a different angle, and more importantly, hear a few people in the crowd talking about the match in real time. Even if you know what’s coming, hearing the spectators process everything is a trip, and helps the dramatic finale you’ve seen hundreds of times before hit with the same giddy rush all over again.

For reference, here’s the original footage:

If you’d like to see even more, check out Kotaku’s documentary catching up with both Umehara and Wong years later, and talking about how their lives have changed since.


Every time someone tries to claim that fighting games aren’t worthy of being e-sports because they don’t require “real skill” like RTS games and MOBAs, this is the moment I always point out to show that they’re full of shit.