Cloud storage for PS Plus members will increase from 10GB to 100GB in February, Sony announced as part of February’s PlayStation Plus lineup today. In comparison, Xbox One owners don’t need Gold membership to use cloud storage, and Switch Online is required for cloud saves on Switch for the games that have the feature available.


Speaking of cloud saves, I still can’t wrap my head around why Nintendo limits cloud save support on some games*. The argument for Splatoon 2 was something akin to “users could modify their data” (by... reverting it, I guess?) which is bizarre since it’s not like Splatoon is the first multiplayer game to use cloud saves. Whatever their concern is should be a solved problem, right?

(*I mean, I can wrap my head around it because I’m familiar with Nintendo’s desire to create new solutions for problems even when they could just do what everybody else had already figured out ten years ago, but... still.)