K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Days Gone By

Track: Days Gone By | Artist: Day6 | Album: Remember Us: Youth Part 2
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For their latest release, Day6 decided to go retro (yes!!) with hints of Japanese city pop (yes!!!!!).

Day6 is JYP Entertainment’s resident band-style boy group, analogous to Trax from SM Entertainment or CNBLUE from FNC. Bands aren’t very well represented in mainstream K-Pop, which does tend to prefer more traditional performance-style acts. In fact, I can’t think of one female band-style group from any of the major agency players (and no, AOA doesn’t count).

Which makes Day6's relative youth—they only debuted in 2015—all the more welcome, along with Days Gone By’s wonderful dip into that lovely 80s synth sound. Please, more washed-out CRT filters and disco lighting. Everything you’ve got.

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This is pretty good. A little context, I’m a near 40 old punk rocker with a huge nerd side. The Pillows were my introduction to more international flavors of music. I’ve been loving your K-Pop blogs for a while now and it feels like there’s a big door I’m just able to peek through. For some reason not only the sound, but the structure of how these bands and songs are made intrigues me. Is there a good resource for English speakers to get more info on this and maybe even the Japanese scene? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks for the music, look forward to more posts.