Player Collects Every Unique Moon In Mario Odyssey Without Taking Damage

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The idea behind the challenge is simple: collect all 880 unique moons in Mario Odyssey without getting hurt or dying. The execution, however, is hard, which is why it took speedrunner Timpani over 10 hours to be the first to do it, finishing in the early hours of Christmas day.


Timpani’s run is amazing to watch, not just because of the challenge involved, but also because of his ability to stay focused for such a long marathon session. The current record for collecting all unique moons in the game (not including the 119 that are all purchased with coins) was 7:54:01, so managing the entire task damageless and only adding a couple more hours to the final time in the process is pretty impressive.

Timpani’s recent run is the first to successfully collect every unique moon without damage. Previous attempts, the closest of which was Dan Marchetti’s from earlier in December, clocked out at 823 moons, still an incredible feat in itself.

Timpani is no stranger to unusual Mario Odyssey records; he holds the first-place times for a number of other categories, including Nipple%, which times how quickly players can unlock Mario’s boxer shorts costume.

On Twitter, after sharing the video of his most recent world record, Timpani mentioned that it was another speedrunner who goes by Bounceyboy who inspired him to take up the challenge. Bounceyboy currently holds the first place time for getting all of the Shines in Super Mario Sunshine without taking any damage.

Correction: a previous version of this article referred to “Nipple Any%” as a Mario Odyssey speedrunning category but the correct name was “Nipple%.” The former would refer to finishing the game as soon as possible after getting Mario’s boxers while the latter refers merely to how fast someone can get Mario’s boxers.

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I love that the challenge for getting his boxer shorts costume is named “Nipple Any%” lol Someone was clearly having fun when they named that one.