Smash Bros. Ultimate's First Post-Launch Fighter Will Be, Uh, Piranha Plant

Illustration for article titled iSmash Bros. Ultimate/is First Post-Launch Fighter Will Be, Uh, Piranha Plant

There’s one more fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: the Mario series’s Piranha Plant, which will be free if you buy the game before the end of January.

I’m sure someone, somewhere, is very happy about this. Piranha Plant can spit poison, fire spiky balls, and turns into the massive Petey Piranha for its Final Smash. It’s also got an Amiibo incoming in February.

In addition to Piranha Plant, there will be five other downloadable fighters, coming in a set that includes a fighter, a stage, and music for $6. You can buy a season pass for $25 and get all five as they’re released.


Piranha Plant won’t actually be available until February—if you haven’t bought the game before then, you’ll be able to purchase it later. I think I’ll be okay with waiting.

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When they say “only if you pre-order” odds are really good that it’s a free fighter if you pre-order, but will come out later if you don’t.

As was the case with Mewtwo, I think.


That said, this is awesome. It’s so random and stupid but it’s what I’ve come to love about Smash Bros.