“Pay us. Or do work. Be moderators. Or just, like, when people are shitty or transphobic or homophobic in your life, call them out. Put some of that labor on your shoulders so that we can keep working on surviving every day. And then we can thrive and travel into the brilliant gay future together,” said streamer Adam Koebel in response to a question about what allies can do during TwitchCon’s “Gayest Panel.” Can confirm: it was very gay. You can watch it here.

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Am I the only person who is getting tired of “allies” constantly asking what they can do?

It’s not rocket science. The persistent question just strikes me as:

1) Virtue signaling. And I absolutely hate the right-wing insult of it, but these questions just smell terribly of wanting people to know you care.

2) Delaying tactics. Is it that hard to understand that to be an actual ally you should stand up against bigotry, especially when it’s uncomfortable to do so, and to support people, both monetarily and other?