This Cheeseburger Is Not Screwing Around

Dom Dom Burger, Japan’s first fast-food hamburger chain, has rolled out a limited edition cheeseburger, which features two beef patties, onions, tomato, a slice of yellow cheese and Camembert cheese for buns. Goodness.


That’s right, thick slices of Camembert cheese take the place of buns. No doubt Dom Dom Burger is offering such a strange burger because it has to compete with behemoths like McDonald’s.

The burger itself is 980 yen ($8.82), and there are meal deals with a drink and fries. The Camembert Burger will be available until August 31.


Supposedly, it’s good if you are into cheese, burgers and calories.

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like McDonald’s... I haven’t had a burger from McDonald’s in 3 years ago. Is intimating McDonald’s really the way to go?