Japan Baffled By These Men's Pants

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Screenshot: Uniqlo

Famed British designer Kim Jones is collaborating with budget-priced Japanese clothing chain GU on a line of menswear. Much of it looks fine, but these pants are baffling folks in Japan.


Owned by Uniqlo, GU is a mass market chain you find in suburban shopping malls, and these “slim taper pants” feature a rather unique fly that certainly is attention-grabbing, clearly stating LOOK AT MY CROTCH.

Illustration for article titled Japan Baffled By These Men's Pants
Screenshot: Uniqlo

This tweet pointing out the pants has racked up over 21,000 retweets.

“These men’s bottoms, the hell are they,” wrote Twitter user Vitz_Nao. “Is this design what’s fashionable now? “These pants are embarrassing, and I’m not going to wear them. Is it strange I’m being sensitive? Why change the color there.


Apparently, the designer is famous,” Vitz_Nao added. “Japanese people are shy, so this might be a bit much.”

On 2ch, Japan’s biggest bulletin board, the reaction was bewilderment and amusement.

“Eh... (bewilderment).”

“This is novel lolololololol”

“Looks like a holster.”

“Truly, this is ridiculous.”

“This is for exhibitionists”

“Fashion is difficult.”

“Depending on the person, one would probably call this public indecency.”

“Guess this is a dick holder.”

And the Twitter reaction:


At least one example of these “crappy uncool pants.”


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Got it in one.

I mean, the positioning is a little strange, but c’mon—there’s no way that flap, with its eye-drawing difference in color, is not meant to focus attention directly on the crotch region of those pants.

As I understand it (and as many commenters quoted in the article have alluded to), Japanese society tends to be significantly more understated in its public presentation than many areas in America—but even as an American, I’d never wear something that essentially screamed “LOOK AT MY DICK!”

...there’s confidence, and then there’s crass. These pants take a flying leap directly into the second category. Eesh.