Far Cry 5 Has A Shovel Gun Now, Because Of Course

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Far Cry 5 has been out for just over a month now, and while there still hasn’t been any word on when its story-based DLC will arrive, the game has been getting weekly events and new online multiplayer maps. With the addition of this week’s event, “White Collar Job,” Far Cry 5 now has its first meme gun as well.


The game’s arsenal is somewhat of a mixed-bag overall, but players did immediately fall in love with Far Cry 5’s shovels. Instead of just being used to bludgeon enemies, shovels could also be launched like javelins with surprising speed, accuracy, and lethality. The weapon became the game’s MVP. Going off of this excitement, Ubisoft how now introduced the shovel launcher, which you can get as a reward by enlisting in this week’s live event. So far Far Cry 5’s live events haven’t made much sense or been that interesting, but the shovel launcher is by far the most decent reward yet.

It basically works like an RPG but with shovel heads instead of grenades. You can only hold three shots at a time before you run out, but fortunately you can run around collecting any shovels fired from your gun for reloading. No, the weapon doesn’t make any sense, but it’s a fun alternative to other rocket launchers and stealth bows. It’s tough to aim at long distances but at medium to close range it will bury just about anything, as you can see in the Youtube video uploaded by user Fabian Bonk above.

One thing the shovel launcher can’t do is blow stuff up. While it might not be good for taking out enemy trucks and convoys, I had no problem one-shotting turkeys with it. It basically functions like Far Cry 4's harpoon gun, but it’s better, because shovels.

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Title Update 1.05 which also rolled out today adds some other wacky stuff to the game, pushing Far Cry 5 even further in the direction of something like Saint’s Row. Who doesn’t love creepy looking latex masks?

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While you can’t bring the shovel launcher into online multiplayer (for now), Ubisoft has added a number of new cosmetic options for when you’re running around Far Cry Arcade, ranging from giant eyeball heads to leprechaun masks, in case you’re still playing the game come next St. Paddy’s day.

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