Navarre, Minerva and Linde, AKA team red.
Navarre, Minerva and Linde, AKA team red.

Fire Emblem Warriorssecond DLC pack arrives on February 14, adding three characters from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for the Nintendo DS. The pack also includes new costumes, weapons, history maps and armor break models, including one for Tiki, the 3,000 year old 13-year-old.


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Part of me really wants to support this game more since I consider it the best Warriors title since 3. (Partly because the game can actually be difficult, at least if you start on hard). But the DLC has been a complete missfire for me. The fact that the first DLC contained a character that was literally just a clone of the existing bow users and on top of just being annoyed that the only way to wield a non-flying lance user was in DLC (the only lance users being fliers is a huge difficulty problem in maps that are riddled with sword and bow users) makes me suspicious that at all three of these characters could possibly just be clones.