Understanding The Hype (and Hate) For Nintendo Labo

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Nintendo’s upcoming grand experiment with cardboard is unexpected enough that people have reacted dramatically to the announcement. Largely, fans seem to fall into two camps: either they’re psyched to build their own contraptions, or they don’t understand why something like this exists at all.


Isn’t Nintendo a video game company? What are they doing messing around with cardboard? Where is Smash for Switch? Who is the Labo for, anyway? In the latest podcast episode of Fave This, Gita Jackson and I dive into Nintendo fandom and why we’re so excited for the Labo modding scene. We also discuss Nintendo’s lineage as a play-centric toy maker and how that recontextualizes the Labo, a creation that isn’t as outlandish as people make it sound.

You can download the MP3 here.

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I’m going to state this up front: they’re E. For Everyone.

Nevermind the fact that ESRB isn’t as powerful in the minds of people as it was years and years ago, in the end they have a point. They are for everyone. Not just for kids.

To be frank, those who are complaining probably forgot how to be a kid again, and that’s alright. But saying “If I don’t like it, nobody else should have it!” is doushy for those who do want it.