What Was Your Favorite Video Game Moment Of 2017?

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Which video game moment of 2017 had your heart aflutter? Did it make you cry? Did you scream furiously into the void? Did it leave you thinking about it hours, days, and weeks after you experienced it? Did you laugh so hard, liquids spewed out of your nose? One or all of the above? Cool. Let’s talk about it.

If there’s a good thing I could say about 2017, it’s that it was a strong year for video games. There were too many for me to buy and finish. Of the ones I did manage to spend significant time with, they were awesome. Not all were excellent with a few mediocre experiences along the way (so it goes every year, I suppose). Overall, though? There were too many good moments to decide on the greatest.

I could look to the thrill of landing on Eventide Island in Breath of the Wild. But then, what about the monthly, nightly ritual my sister and I spent playing Puyo Puyo Tetris on Nintendo Switch? Oh! Watching Luigi snipe the hell out of some rabbids was an utter delight, too. There was also trying Destiny 2, failing hard, and listening to my friends laugh at my many platforming demises.


Right! There was also Super Mario Odyssey! I sure had fun with that photo mode and asking don’t-give-a-damn birds for directions. That’s not a moment but it was fun, nonetheless.

But what about you? Here’s your question for today, dear Kotaku Readers: What’s your favorite moment from a video game that you experienced in 2017?

Share your fun moments with us. If it’s a major plot reveal/point, I’d only ask that we please be mindful of spoilers, if necessary! Some of us may still be working on games we got over the holidays.

Wishing all of you the very best in the coming year. And here’s hoping for many more brilliant video game moments in 2018.

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So many good ones this year. The final moments of Gravity Rush 2; Finding Sobeck at the end of Horizon; stumbling upon the ruins of Lon Lon Ranch in BotW; “Rivers in the Desert”; Venus in Wolfenstein II; finally playing through Dreamfall Chapters; falling off the edge of the Wooded Kingdom and landing in a primordial forest instead of dying in SMO; that’s just off the top of my head.

Top moment has to be the final-final credits of Nier: Automata. That one made me choke up.