More people “primarily” play the Switch in undocked mode than on the TV, Nintendo said in a presentation today. 30% of players use handheld or kickstand mode more than 80% of the time, 18% play on the TV 80% of the time, and the other 52% are true switch-hitters. What kind of Switch player are you?


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makes perfect sense (imo).

you ask anyone with a switch that hasn’t owned a Nintendo console for years, and they tell you they bought the switch because they could take it on the go.

<soapbox>[while playing Samus returns] Which is a cool feature, but it has no bearing on gameplay. Wii U gamepad asynchronous gameplay was unique. Wii motion controls was unique.

Switch, notsomuch.

As someone who got a Wii U on day one, owns 5 3ds, waited out a blizzard for a Wii, had two gamecubes, an N64, SNES, and between my brother dad and I 8 gameboys, 2 ds, a dslite and a dsi, I think it’s obvious i’ve been a diehard Nintendo Fan boy since i was born.

and I’m a hard no on the switch.

because at the end of the day, it’s just a wii u gamepad.

So this sudden “renaissance” of nintendo fans clamoring for the switch REALLY should have been for the Wii U.

Granted, Nintendo effed up on the Wii U. Wii slogan was Wii would like to play.

so you make a Wii 2.

Wii 2 would like to play.

blam, marketing done, call it a day.

It probably wouldve worked. if Sony can just keep slapping numbers on their consoles and selling a bajillion units, Nintendo should have done the same thing.

and i can play more zelda’s on my Wii U then on the switch.

</end soapbox>