Hitman will get a Game of the Year Edition on November 7, IO announced today. It will bring a new campaign, new escalations, and a chance to try Elusive Targets you might have missed. It’s not Season Two, but it’s a ton of exciting new stuff.


The new campaign, “Patient Zero,” will cross Sapienza, Bangkok, Colorado, and Hokkaido. These maps have been “re-worked from the original settings with new gameplay opportunities, disguises, characters, challenges, gameplay mechanics, AI behaviour and HUD elements.”

Elusive Targets, Hitman’s timed assassinations, are going to get “re-activated.” You won’t be able to replay ones you failed, but it’s a chance to try the ones you missed. The first will appear “shortly after” November 7.


There will also be new suit and weapon combinations, and each will get an Escalation around them. In addition, a general game update will overhaul the UI and lighting, among other tweaks.

The Game of the Year edition will be purchasable separately, and all new content will cost $20 for current Hitman owners.

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