Here's Overwatch's Mercy In XCOM 2

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There’s a mod for XCOM 2 called [WotC] Overwatch Mercy Squadmate. It does exactly what the name and picture here suggest, adding the angelic healer to XCOM 2's new expansion, War of the Chosen.

(Though she’s also available for the base game).

The mod brings multiple options. You can choose from nine skins, and also from three different options for how her wings are deployed. It also adds Switzerland as a country of origin so everything can remain thematically correct.

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Oh, and if you download this, you might want to grab some accompanying mods as well, like a Mercy voice pack.

Thanks PC Gamer!

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Honestly, I just want WotC-compatible versions of “Quiet, Bradford!” and “Improved Aim” back.

I just killed the last of the Chosen in my current game, and have only advanced the main plot to the point where I’ve built the Shadow Chamber and researched the vial, so it’s entirely possible to get woefully sidetracked in the new content—but god damn, is the baseline aim stat for pretty much every class (including Sharpshooter) awful.

I mean, yeah, I’ve been playing since UFO: Enemy Unknown back in the Windows 3.1 days, but missing a point-blank shot with a bloody shotgun is still the sort’ve thing that leaves me saying, “And this is humanity’s last line of defense? We’re boned.”

Edit: And, because I just feel the need to articulate it, having to hear Bradford remind me, “The aliens continue to make progress on the Avatar project! If we’re gonna stop them, we have to move fast,” makes me wish for a “Shove Bradford Out the Airlock” mod.