The Secret World Is Getting A TV Series

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Funcom’s supernatural conspiracy MMO recently got a reboot, and now it’s getting its own television show. Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil and G4C Innovation have teamed up to produce a live-action TV series based on The Secret World. Or Secret World Legends. Whichever.


Set in the modern day and revolving around a power struggle between a trio of shadowy organizations battling for control of the hidden supernatural world that only a select few can perceive, The Secret World’s had television series written all over it since day one. Scandinavian producer Gudrun Giddings of G4C Innovation optioned the rights to create a series back in 2012.

“It is one of the most character-driven and well-developed games I know of,” said Giddings via official press release. “Hence it naturally lends itself to fantastical storylines with intriguing characters, a thrilling, and binge-worthy international TV show.”

The show has a pilot script, written by James V. Hart (Hook, Dracula, Contact) and Jake Hart. Johnny Depp, Christi Dembrowski, Sam Sarkar and Gudrun Giddings will produce, with CSI-NY’s Pam Veasey running the show.

It’s a pretty amazing TV concept, and while it can’t hope to capture the magic of those first hours in the game back in 2012, it’ll be cool to see all that creepy shit come to life.

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I’m nervously excited for this, a phrase which here means “It’s almost certainly going to be shit but I’m going to watch every episode without hesitation.”

It has potential. I just don’t think it’ll meet it.