Microsoft’s Twitch competitor Beam just got some new bells and whistles. Now rebranded as “Mixer,” the platform now offers co-streaming, which lets up to 4 streamers combine their streams into one broadcast, and a mobile streaming app, currently in beta.


Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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Mixer isn’t much better than Beam. Mixer makes me think of a music service like Pandora or Spotify. “Mixerworks” isn’t a good mashup either. Comes off a little desperate, like people are hesitant to believe this streaming service will actually work. And what are sparks good for besides this one firework show?

Overall, this feels like a box of gimmicks with one good aspect: Four person streaming. And even that might bother me since streamers constantly talk to their audience. 4 streamers doing that at once? Ehh, we’ll see.