There’s a new Nintendo Direct hitting Wednesday, April 12 at 6pm Eastern. Don’t get your hopes up too much, though—Nintendo says this one will focus “mainly on ARMS and Splatoon 2.”


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At the International Switch Presentation, ARMs looked completely not fun to me, but the next day with the big Treehouse Stream, watching the gameplay sold me on it and I’m really looking forward to it. I hope the Motion Controls are tighter.

I tried the Beta of Splatoon 2, and I think because I’m so invested in Destiny, other shooters just don’t do enough for me to grab my time. The first Splatoon was fun for a bit, I can understand the appeal but it wasn’t my jam either, like user @Rer mentioned in his post.

Mario Kart is on at the end of the month. It was solid on the Wii U, I’m hoping it’s still solid (I can’t imagine it not being) on the Switch with everything included. Wife actually got better at the game than I and she doesn’t console game.

1-2-Switch was traded in fairly quickly, I wanted it to be fun, none of the mini games had staying power for me. I can see maybe getting it cheap used like Nintendo Land was down the road. Fun to show off at parties but I had more people like Nintendo Land and it’s sub games Mario Chase and Haunted Mansion.

Still chugging away at Breath of the Wild here and there, starting to enjoy the game more than I did in the beginning. I think for me it was just too open at the beginning. Yes, you have the main quests, but I felt I was going into everything completely underleveled. I made the goals first and foremost to open the map up and go after the Shrines for the Towers. I’m almost done with that and feel better about my feel of the game.

Man...didn’t mean to ramble in novella.