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Dark Souls Trolling Hits New Peak With Giant Door Deaths

This is what it looks like when a Dark Souls 3 gangsquad double-doors you to death.


The troop was led by Iron Pineapple, well known for his antics trolling players in Dark Souls games. Their weapon of choice? The Great Door Shield, a bizarre new artifact available in the game’s latest DLC, The Ringed City.

It’s found just beyond the game’s Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire. If players venture down a path to the right of a nearby flying hollow, they’ll encounter a corpse that can be looted to retrieve the weapon, which in the game’s flavor text is referred to as a “protector of the meek” that can “block nearly all damage.”


After getting the weapon, Iron Pineapple decided to join up with a friend who also had one and look for bewildered victims to torture. He made a ridiculous video of their exploits and its worth every moment, especially around a minute and a half in when they encounter a third player who decides to switch out their gear and roll six shields deep with them.

The doormen cometh.

Dark Souls 3 is game about exploring the unknown, dying a whole bunch, and then eventually, through some mixture of learned experience and desperate cunning, dying a lot less. But sometimes the odds aren’t just against you, they’re downright impenetrable. Sometimes when life shuts a door it opens a window. When a door closes in The Ringed City you die.

Consider this a PSA of sorts then. If you’re playing Dark Souls and things start to look a little unhinged, run away my friend. Just. Run. Away.

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Sevvir Elon

“Just. Run. Away.”

But don’t let them hit you on the way out.