Podcast: Revisiting The Switch, One Month Later

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Kirk and I have each had the Switch for a month now, and really, it’s grown on us quite a bit. Come listen to us discuss Nintendo’s new console on today’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen.


We go over this week’s news including Telltale’s CEO departing (12:30) and Mass Effect animators getting harassed (20:06) before assessing the Switch, one month later (36:20). Then we bring on Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo (46:22), Gita Jackson (1:00:16), and Mike Fahey (1:10:08) to hear some more Switch thoughts.

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I kinda surprised that anyone is surprised by how much they enjoy the Switch. It is the simpliest thing Nintendo has released since the Gamecube, and Nintendo releases a game that would easily qualify for Top 3 of the Year annually.

Shitting on the WiiU was popular because it made people without one feel good, not because people who had one were reasonably disappointed by the games that were actually released (except for Star Fox, which is easily Nintendo’s worst property, so what did people expect.)