Switch Launch Game Snipperclips Is A Pleasant Surprise

Snipperclips is the low-key charmer of the Nintendo Switch launch, a download-only indie game turned Nintendo-published co-op puzzler. It’s $20, with a free demo and, as you can see in the archived livestream above, we had a good time with it.


In Snipperclips, players control little characters who can cut divots in each other and then use their new shapes to solve puzzles. Maybe one player will shave the other into a point so they can pop balloons. Or maybe they’ll cut a scoop in their head so they can ferry a basketball into a hoop. Players often need to stand on each other and use their new shapes to make one bigger shape. Stuff like that. It’s fun.

The game is played on a single Switch, with each player holding one of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers horizontally for mostly co-op missions. There’s some competitive stuff, too as you’ll see when we engage in brutal combat about 32 minutes into the clip.

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This game looks like a blast, but I’m sad it’s local co-op only. I mean, I guess there’s a single player mode, but it definitely looks like the kind of game that’s infinitely better with other people.