Now Even Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Getting DLC And A Season Pass

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You know times are strange when even Zelda games are getting season passes, and here we are. Nintendo announced today that Breath of the Wild will get two pieces of downloadable content throughout 2017, and to buy them both, you’ll need to get the Zelda expansion pass.


This expansion pass will be $20 and come with two DLC packs. One will add a hard mode and a Cave of Trials (like Twilight Princess) while the other will add “a new dungeon and a new original story.” The whole package will also let Link wear a shirt with a Switch logo on it, for some reason. And you can’t purchase any of these packs individually, Nintendo says. It’s either $20 or nothing.

Here’s Nintendo:

Starting when the game launches on March 3, players will be able to purchase an Expansion Pass for $19.99, granting access to two new sets of downloadable content for the game when they become available later this year. Immediately upon pre-purchase or purchase of the Expansion Pass, three new treasure chests will appear in the game’s Great Plateau area. One of these treasure chests will contain a shirt with a Nintendo Switch logo that Link can wear during his adventure, exclusive to the Expansion Pass. The other two will deliver useful items. The first content pack is scheduled to launch this summer, and will include the addition of a Cave of Trials challenge, a new hard mode and a new feature for the in-game map. The second content pack will launch in Holiday 2017, and adds new challenges that will let players enjoy a new dungeon and a new original story. The Expansion Pass will be available for both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U versions of the game and are identical. Content packs cannot be purchased individually.

Did you ever think this day would come? That second content pack could be great, but Nintendo charging for a hard mode and Cave of Trials? And not letting you buy the new dungeon/story separately? Yikes.

Here’s series producer Eiji Aonuma talking about the season pass, which will go on sale when Breath of the Wild comes out on March 3:


See, here’s the thing. I want to support content, but when I don’t know what that content will be, even from a source I trust, I can’t just throw money at it. If I pay more later, so be it, but at least I have in my mind what or what isn’t my money going towards.

It’s like Capcom and Street Fighter V’s season pass for example...They know exactly who the characters coming this year will be, but they’ll continue to drip feed the information throughout the year under the guise of hype. The same levels of hype will exists regardless of if people know at least the names of characters. Someone needs to rework Capcom of Japan’s PR and marketing strategies because for a game that’s suffering like SFV, season passes and drip feeds of info are not smart moves, especially if your goal is to make it a “game as a service” much like LoL and DOTA.