Snacktaku Makes Everything Better With Chocolate Strawberry Oreos

After spending 2016 eating strange and horrible things, Snacktaku is kicking off the year on a high note. Let January 20, 2017 be forever known as the day Snacktaku ate Chocolate Strawberry Oreos, one of the best limited edition flavors in ages.


Combining chocolate and strawberry flavors in a cookie may seem like an easy bet, but after last year’s Swedish Fish Oreo debacle, I wasn’t about to give Nabisco’s snack scientists the benefit of the doubt. Fortunately, it seems as if the unfortunate event taught Oreo creators a little something about restraint. They could have gone full strawberry creme, but they checked themselves, and in doing so they avoided wrecking themselves.

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Had they tucked a full slab of bright pink goo between two black discs, the Chocolate Strawberry Oreo would be no different than countless other cloying attempts at strawberry sweetness that have crossed our snacking planks over the years.

But no, the Oreo folks get it. Combining chocolate and strawberry isn’t about equality. It’s about the chocolate consuming the subtle fruit in its dark and milky embrace, clinging to it like a second skin. It’s the strawberry losing itself inside the chocolate until it’s nothing but a subtle taste, a lingering scent and a dribble of juice.

And then the people eating them have sex, probably. I don’t know.

Warning: NSFW.
Warning: NSFW.

Chocolate Strawberry Oreos capture that sexy mouth dance perfectly. The strawberry is strong on the nose and delicate on the tongue. Soak one in ice-cold milk and it’s almost as if you’re biting into the real thing, only without the follow-up sex.

Thank you, Chocolate Strawberry Oreos, for your service to our country.

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Excellent flavor, needs more bourbon tho