A Better Look At Snipperclips, The Switch’s Co-Op Puzzle Game

Illustration for article titled A Better Look At iSnipperclips/i, The Switch’s Co-Op Puzzle Game

Snipperclips is a collaborative puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch where you cut up your friends to fit into shapes.


[UPDATE-4:03: I thought the game was called Snipperclippers. It is actually called Snipperclips.]

In Snipperclips, the aim is to solve puzzles by cutting the paper characters into shapes. By playing solo or with up to four players, you’ll pop some balloons, transport office supplies, or play some basketball.


The real draw for me is that the game is cute as all heck. Even the basketball has a face! Snipperclips will be available in March on the Nintendo eShop. You can check out the demo from the Nintendo Treehouse stream below.

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This looks great, like a continuation of the fun-but-quirky games Nintendo frequently snuck onto the 3DS e-shop.

If they keep going this route (and the Chibi Robo-esque silliness of that new Mario), I think we’re going to end up with something like the GCN library of Japanese quirk and fun couch co-op, backed up by the addition of the library that would typically go on the handhelds.

Which I’m fine with, all things considered. Nintendo will never have the dominance of the SNES era again—it’s never going to be the central video game console, and I’m not sure if they can afford to attempt that, anyway. They’ve found a way to do that “stick to handhelds” plan that people often clamor for without having to formally say “we’re giving up on consoles, here’s the next DS.”

Now if they could just fix the boneheaded Nintendo moves (accessory price, let-me-keep-the-free-games-dammit), everything would be swell.