Mighty No. 9 Is Better When You're Watching Someone Else Play

Mighty No. 9 was less Mega Man revival and more colorful train wreck, but in the skillful hands of speedrunner GreenZSaber, playing the game during the Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon Wednesday evening, it’s a much more entertaining train wreck.


While my attempt to play through Keiji Inafune’s Kickstarted embarrassment took hours on normal difficulty, GreenZSaber manages to blow through it in 46 minutes and 58 seconds, quipping about how sad the game is all the while. Not only that, but he’s playing on Maniac difficulty, meaning he dies if he suffers a single hit.

The run starts around the 15 minute mark in the YouTube video below, with GreezZSaber first making sure no one in the audience is confused and thinking they were still playing the previous game on the schedule, Mega Man X. Jump to the mark and strap in to see just how stupid Mighty No. 9 can be in the right hands.

Note that they skip the four-hour credit sequence at the end for the sake of everyone’s sanity. In case you want the full experience of a list of names that runs more than four times the length of the entire speedrun, click here.

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I haven’t followed the game very much since it came out and was called a disappointment. Is there no chance that whatever problems the game has will be fixed in the future?

It’s pretty sad that Capcom let MM go by the wayside, so it’s come to this to satisfy our sweet robot-platforming cravings...