This Week In The Business: The Toilet Question

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QUOTE | “With every change or update or addition we always have this weird, core question to weigh: does it make the game better or worse to play in the bathroom?” - Fingersoft CEO Teemu Närhi asks the key question at the heart of modern mobile development.


QUOTE | “There’s still a lot of change going on, but there are good reasons for it not looking radical. Developers are building upon more than 20 years of great multiplayer games with tried and tested mechanics supported by industry data on which loops work and which ones don’t.” - Plarium creative director Nick Day defends multiplayer mobile games from accusations of stagnation.

QUOTE | “Over 80% of the top games include multiplayer in some capacity, and 90% of the most watched games on Twitch are multiplayer. Game studio roles that didn’t exist previously, such as community manager, are as important today as game designers were ten years ago.” - Amazon Lumberyard developer relations specialist Garnett Lee emphasizes the importance of community for games.

QUOTE | “I must say that PewDiePie’s series about Skate did influence me from day one, from a creative standpoint.” - Steep creative director Igor Manceau explains how Ubisoft’s latest was designed to let players find their own fun as much as to have developers guide them through the game.

QUOTE | “We knew going in that most startups don’t make it, and as an indie game studio we hoped we would be the exception to that rule, but as it turned out we weren’t.” - Pixel Mage Games announces the end of development on Early Access game Hero’s Song and the closure of the studio itself.

QUOTE | “You need to be able to take risks, and to fail as well, because otherwise you probably aren’t trying hard enough. The trick, I think, is to fail early enough.” - Wargaming head of development Matias Myllyrinne says a success on the scale of World of Tanks either gives you the courage to try new things or paralyzes you with stage fright.

QUOTE | “When developing games, most of your ideas end up not being that good.” - Nitro Games CEO Jussi Tähtinen lays out the logic behind the company’s “super fast failing” approach to prototyping game ideas.


STAT | 5 million - Samsung’s installed base of Gear VR headsets, as revealed at this week’s CES. Gear VR launched in November of 2015.

STAT | Over $3 million - Sales for Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator, enough for the developer to call it “the most popular VR title to date.”


QUOTE | “We don’t think a crowded market is a reason to avoid making a game. We believe that providing a unique content proposal to our community will bring us success.” - Lion Game Lion producer Arash Amini isn’t concerned that the abundance of competition facing the studio’s upcoming Raid: World War II.

STAT | 92% - The percentage of UK development studios surveyed who believe they will profitable over the course of 2017.


Top five places to play mobile games:

1) The shitter

2) A first date when you’re not interested in a second date

3) Waiting for your foot to be X-rayed when you just broke your ankle

4) In bed, to bore yourself to sleep

5) In hell, after you’ve died.