Find Adam Jensen In This Where's Waldo Of Sci-Fi Characters

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A number of different artists showed off their work at the Hero Complex Galaxy gallery in Los Angeles last night for its Sci-Scapes event. Among them were Laurie Greasley and Josan Gonzalez, whose collaboration featured below drew inspiration from almost every corner of sci-fi pop culture you could imagine.


The piece, a combination of several smaller panels, includes nods to Xena and Ridley from Alien, as well as a certain augmented security agent from the Deus Ex series. It’s titled “The Raid”:


Earlier this year, Josan Gonzalez Kickstarted a second volume of his collected sci-fi and comic book art. Last night’s show was dedicated to new pieces inspired by the artwork of people like Moebious, Katsuhiro Otmo and Geof Darro. Hero Complex Galaxy is also home to a number of Overwatch related art prints.

You can see other pieces from last night’s show here.

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I hope someone got Jensen’s permission before using his likeness. He didn’t ask for this.