Following an announcement on Monday, voice actors within the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have begun their strike against certain video game employers as of 3:01 AM EST today. Kotaku has reached out to the involved parties.


Update—2:45 p.m: The negotiator for the games companies released a statement this afternoon that claims their own economic plan for voice actors is comparable to SAG-AFTRA demands.

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This is really important! One of the biggest things they’re fighting for is secondary compensation, which means that if a game is a commercial success (they’re classifying this as 2 million units, which is fair) they get a monetary bonus (currently $3300 per 2 million units, up to 4 times.) Basically, the developers, artists, executives, etc. get a big bonus if a game does well, so why shouldn’t the voice actors as well?

They also want a lot more transparency. At this point in time, many studios won’t even tell the actors what game they’ll be working on before hiring them, let alone if they’ll be doing things like simulated sex scenes or racial slurs, etc. No actor would do a TV show or film without that kind of information, and it would be outrageous to see a production company do that. Well, it happens with the video game industry.

The video game industry is really messed up in a lot of ways, and this is one way it can be fixed. Hopefully this will lead to others. I wish these guys a huge amount of luck in working out the negotiations fairly and I’d like to thank them for their hard work on the games that we love!