The Hypest Moments From The Weekend's Big Smash Tournament

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Smash tournaments aren’t all about the game. A lot of the Smash hype, especially in the 15-year-old Melee scene, comes from the personalities players bring to the game. At last last weekend’s The Big House 6 tourney in Michigan, personality was there in droves.

We clipped some of the hypest moments from the tournament below.

Top Melee player Hungrybox literally rolled up to his match against EVO 2015 champion Armada:


Later, Hungrybox clarified in a tweet that he “wasn’t drunk or high. I’m just weird.”

Armada and his partner Android pulled off this crazy play in a team match:

And after the finals....

Longtime Melee rivals Mang0 and Armada faced off in an intense fifth match after a 2-2 tie. When Mango took Armada’s last stock, with one stock left, the crowd absolutely lost their shit:


Mang0 conducted his post-win interview with an American flag tied around his neck... and didn’t know where his trophy was:

VG Boot Camp

“Where’s your trophy, dude?”

And, over in Smash 4.... Anti lands a bold spike:


ESAM’s crazy lightning from Pikachu saved his partner:


As Kotaku weekend editor Ethan Gach reported over the weekend, that clutch lightning wasn’t enough to save the team from Mew2King and Ally.

And Kie’s insanely-timed Peach up-smash that won the Smash 4 Crews


Ah.... good times.

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Armada/Android team combos are the best thing about Smash doubles, and Smash doubles are the best thing about Smash. Individual play is amazing and all, but no other fighting game played at this level actually has co-op.