Dark shoujo magical girl anime Madoka Magica is heading to mobile in 2017 with Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story. Aniplex just created the smartphone game’s website, Anime News Network reports. It looks like it might be an adventure game. A release date is slated for Spring.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.


<Edit>For humor, left Madoka Magica’s name messed up my original message for humors sake. I’ll be honest- unless it’s a simple name, I tend to get “tongue-tied” remembering their names ;) <Edit>

I hate anime and manga that isn’t Berserk, Serial Experiment Lain or Attack on Titan (or hentai), but I LOVED this show when it was suggested on a board I frequented at the time.

That board was the Bloodborne board and to be fair, coming hot off that game to go into this show might have slightly influenced my views (no spoilers, and I hate spoiler culture, but the twists in Magika Madoka are AMAZING).

Also a lot of staff on it had their start in hentai and porn, before going legit, so that also influenced my decision to watch (it’s not at ALL a porny show).

I will end with this- the best expectations for Magica Madoka is to go in thinking it’s another dumb Sailor Moon/ magical girl show and knowing nothing about it.