Deus Ex's Blocked Doors Are Infuriating Me

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What is this, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? What the shit is this?

I’m only a few hours into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but I’ve already encountered a few doors like this, mostly in random apartments and things of the like. Un-openable. Impregnable. Blocked by boxes—of crappy beer, in this case.


I found this particular blocked door after breaking into somebody’s second-floor apartment in hopes of getting around a police blockade. I thought I’d discovered a clever route by exploring, but nope, it was blocked. I could use my Ultra-Vision (TM) aug to see people just outside the apartment, but I couldn’t touch them, feel them, steal from them. Separated only by rotting drywall, we were worlds apart.

This would be fine, or at least expected, in a more linear game like Call of Duty, but in Deus Ex it yanks me out of the experience. The game’s trained me to expect freedom of movement between locations, especially in the face of otherwise insurmountable odds. That’s always been the series’ central appeal. In Mankind Divided, most doors are open-able, or when they’re locked, hackable. Except sometimes, as it turns out, when they’re not. For reasons. Same with certain vents.


In fairness, I’m now on an interesting quest involving forgeries and scam artists that will ultimately get me past the police blockade (probably), but come on, Deus Ex. I thought you were above this kind of thing. At least, I dunno, give me a more believable blocked door.

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Some of those doors are not even blocked by anything, they are just fake doors. I’m starting to be convinced there is some conspiracy in Prague to install fake doors to thwart the man who is ransacking all the city’s credit chips, electronics parts, Pocket Secretaries and beer.