We’re just a week away from the release of the much-hyped space game No Man’s Sky, and there are already leaked copies floating around, which means early impressions are popping up. And some fans are having a meltdown.

Over the past few days, players with early copies of No Man’s Sky have been posting streams and impressions of their experiences. As a result, fans of the game—really, fans of the game’s marketing and hype—have started fretting about No Man’s Sky’s length, bugs, and lack of variety, among many other things. Since Friday, when Redditor Daymeeuhn bought a copy of the game on eBay for $1,300, forums like GAF and Reddit have been full of people freaking out over his early thoughts.


For example, Daymeeuhn claimed that his game had crashed several times and that he’d found quite a few bugs. He also said he’d discovered the center of the galaxy—one of the big mysteries of No Man’s Sky—in just 30 hours. In a variety of posts detailing his impressions of the game, Daymeeuhn dashed the hopes of anyone who thought No Man’s Sky would be an absolutely perfect dream world with rainbows and sprinkles and infinitely fun gameplay. For some people, that’s been a rude awakening, and the subreddit has been full of disappointment and outrage for the past two days. Does space combat really suck? Is that one resource really busted? Are there really that many bugs?

(You can read Daymeeuhn’s most recent impressions here and much more here, if you don’t mind spoilers.)

Some people have tried to convince themselves that Daymeeuhn’s impressions aren’t real, to the point where some on the No Man’s Sky reddit have compiled a spurious list of evidence that Daymeeuhn isn’t actually playing a final version of the game. (Unlikely—although there probably will be a day-one patch.) Here at Kotaku we don’t yet have a review copy of No Man’s Sky, so we can’t prove or disprove any of Daymeeuhn’s claims.

This image, by Redditor disc_, sums the whole situation up nicely:


My advice: everybody relax. In just a week we’ll know whether No Man’s Sky was really worth all the hype.