GTA V Getting LGBT Pride Parade Mod

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One of the least politically correct video game franchises is getting its own LGBT Pride parade, the Daily Dot reports. Yesterday, Scandinavian LGBT advocacy group Stockholm Pride released a trailer for their new unofficial “Los Santos Pride” mod for Grand Theft Auto V.


The trailer features exuberant LGBT folks of all races and genders celebrating and cheering alongside a Pride parade. Attendees dance, march and take photos just as they would at an IRL Pride. “Love is in the air,” reads a rainbow blimp in the sky. Players will be able to interface with the parade’s floats and bystanders.

A representative told the Daily Dot that the mod is a free pro-bono project with no financial incentive.

“Los Santos Pride” is a beautiful idea. And yet, it’s been met with extraordinary vitriol, even for YouTube: The trailer’s YouTube page is already rife with anti-LGBT hate. According to a quick count I just did, 16% of comments include the word “fag.” Others refer to pedophilia, killing female police officers and mass-murdering gay people.


Luckily, the mod’s floats will be indestructible, mirroring the idea that love conquers all.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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the big canadian

I mean I hear parade in GTA and I really wanna blow it up and kill everyone. But in a non-hateful to gays kinda way? You know? Guys Im a nice person I swear. But I love GTA. And that means mass murder.