Civilization VI Makes America Great Again

This is not a walrus in a brown suit. It’s the

As America faces an uncertain future, there’s comfort to be found in looking to the past with Civ VI’s choice for the game’s US leader: Teddy Roosevelt.


America has long been a Civ mainstay, but its leaders have always been drawn from a small pool: Lincoln and Washington for the most part, with one-off appearances by FDR, his wife Eleanor and Kennedy.

Well, the series now has its third Roosevelt, with Teddy leading America into the first new Civ game since 2010's Civ V. I like it! The guy fits the bill...he was in politics, explored the unknown wilderness, served in the army, built a navy...pretty much the only Civ-like he didn’t do was build the Pyramids and drop a nuke on India.

The decision was actually part of the game’s reveal, but this trailer below gives us a closer look at how he and America will shape up.

It looks like Firaxis and 2K are going to be dropping Civ VI’s leaders like Smash Bros. reveals, which is hilarious.


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