Fallout 4, Oculus Rift And Some Bad Blood

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Earlier today, Bethesda announced that a special virtual reality version of Fallout 4 was coming to the HTC Vive. Which seemed a weird thing to say, since not many games are ever announced just for that particular VR platform.


Only, this is Bethesda and Oculus Rift we’re talking about here. And in case you forgot, there is some bad blood.

Bethesda is owned by Zenimax. And last year, Zenimax sued Oculus Rift for “illegally misappropriating ZeniMax trade secrets relating to virtual reality technology, and infringing ZeniMax copyrights and trademarks.”

At the centre of the lawsuit is an accusation that Doom co-creator John Carmack provided technology and information to Oculus before he left id Software (a ZeniMax subsidiary) for the virtual reality company in 2014.

It’s a case which Oculus called “silly” and “money-grabbing” and which is still ongoing, so yeah, if you’re wondering why the game wasn’t announced for the Oculus Rift alongside the Vive, this is probably your answer.

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While they didn’t mention Oculus, it will be playable with the Rift. SteamVR isn’t the walled garden Oculus Home is.