EA has just announced a slight delay for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The new release dates are June 7th for North America and June 9 for Europe. This is the second delay for the free-running first-person game, which was previously slated to come out in February but then moved to May 24.

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If it was any publisher except EA (or Ubisoft), I’d say that’s fine, and it’s better to release a complete, polished game.

Unfortunately, this delay is to shoehorn “Social Play” features that nobody asked for into a game that’s, by and large, a single player experience. And I’d also bet it’s a thinly-veiled way to attach always-online DRM into the game at the last minute, too.

So. To EA: You’ve had years to get your shit together. Now, actually get your shit together.
To DICE: Hang in there, ladies and gentlemen. Do the best you can with your asshole overlords pushing you to add shit in the 11th hour.