Deadpool Would Be An Unstoppable JRPG Character

Deadpool’s personality and power would conquer a naive JRPG world full of awakened evil gods, heroes with amnesia and knee high shoes in a matter of days.


Here’s Mashable’s clip with the unstoppable mercenary, cheating his way through a JRPG adventure.

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I really liked the X-Men Legends Diablo-style action RPG games. They were simple, but really fun, and I enjoyed unlocking all the characters and seeing who would banter with whom in my party. I think it’s in the second game where you can get Deadpool, which if I recall requires a second playthrough, but I loved his chatter, one of which, as you’re beaming off on a mission, is, “Wait, I forgot my wallet!” Since he’s actually a boss fight in the game, playing through again with him in your party and having him encounter himself leads to some entertaining dialogue.