Artist Completely Redraws Final Fantasy IV's World Map

Final Fantasy IV’s pixelated original overworld and all the locations on it got a beautiful facelift from artist TJ Townsend. Now it looks like a proper world map from a modern JRPG.

And he recorded the entire process and shared it on YouTube. Pretty cool to see how it all came together. The best part starts around the 11-12 minute mark when he’s about to remaster all the towns and unique locations on the map.

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That’s pretty sweet. FFIV will always have a special place in my heart for being the first RPG I ever played. My dad’s friend randomly got it for me for my 10th birthday, and as someone who had really only played platformers up to that point I was totally confused by why characters were standing in a line to fight. But I eventually figured it out (although it took additional time to learn that you couldn’t be successful if you ran from every battle...), and the rest is history.