Eight Players Who Killed It In The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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Savage snipes. Clutch kills. Close calls. The Star Wars Battlefront beta has produced many awesome moments that players are capturing on video, and they are a delight to watch.

Here are some of my favorite picks!

The player who destroyed a TIE Fighter with a grenade

Nice going, Len Kagamine.

The Player Who Sniped An A-Wing

Good shit, AzzyTheMLGPro.

The Player Who Landed A 360-No-Scope

Bapix might have the first ever Battlefront trickshot here. I’d start the video around the :22 second mark so you don’t watch the obnoxious intro here.


The Player Who Crashed An X-Wing Into Darth Vader

Whatever gets the job done, AnySPIDERPIG.

The Player Who Just Barely Avoided A TIE Fighter Crash

That was a close one, HalfPastSundown.

The Hotshot That Destroyed Both AT-ATs And Saved The Day

Okay, this is pretty incredible, TheHumanFly. It’s rare to see the rebels destroy ONE AT-AT in the beta, nevermind actually win the match.

The Player Who Sniped A TIE Fighter

You’re a crack shot, flyingninja745.

The Player Who Killed Darth Vader ASAP

What a hilarious moment, One Hat Pat.

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I participated in the closed Alpha test back in July and, at the time, it was rare to see the Empire win. The AT-ATs were pathetically fragile. Rebels won almost every time regardless of team balance, so maybe they buffed them a bit.

Or, maybe people playing the Beta are just bad and/or don’t know what to do.