Disney Infinity 3.0 Valiantly Attempts To Emulate Splatoon

One of Disney’s downloadable creations for Infinity 3.0 is a paint turf war mini-game called “Squid Wars”. It’s far from perfect, but isn’t it oh-so-adorable that they tried?

Owners of Disney Infinity 3.0 are only a couple of confusing menu screens away from participating in their own Disney-created squid-inspired paint battles for up to four players. There’s two minutes on the clock, and whichever team paints the most scenery by the time the countdown ends is victorious.

Update: to clarify, this is a game mode created and promoted by the Disney Infinity team, as seen in the tweet below.


There is no transforming into a squid—I suggest Pirates of the Caribbean’s Davy Jones or Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano figures for maximum squidliness—and only one real weapon, but the heart’s in the right place. Just try to ignore the music.

I win the round of course, in part because I am amazing and also because no one else is playing. It hardly matters, you folks are too busy singing “Gitchy Gitchy Goo Means I Love You” right now to care. You are welcome.

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Disney Infinity comes off to me as something that sounds amazing but is executed poorly. But in that AAA game sense, rather that it really could be this amazing crossover thing that lacks an actual gameplay identity. Same with Skylanders for that matter.

What I always had in my head was something with general gameplay of Battlefield with the nature of a board game. Hard to explain, I know, but simply not what happens when you actually boot up the thing.